Debunking 13 Common Cancer Myths

Debunking 13 Common Cancer Myths

Cancer is a deadly disease surrounded by a lot of myths. Many people have the wrong conception about cancer and tend to believe it wholeheartedly. If you search ‘cancer’ on the internet, you will find a lot of misleading information. Only people with good scientific knowledge can find out the difference but most of them fail to recognize the truth. 

Here is a list of myths that needs to be debunked and clarified to the common people.

1. Cancer is manmade

The biggest myth that a majority of the population considers true is that cancer is a manmade disease. They think that it has been fabricated by modern medical science for profit. Cancer has been detected in old mummies dating back thousands of years.

2. Superfood

A healthy diet regime comprising vegetables, fruits, green tea, and other modern ingredients are considered superfoods. It is a myth that superfoods can prevent cancer. There is no scientific report or basis to back this myth. It can reduce the probability but cannot prevent cancer.

3. Acidic diet

An acidic diet is not harmful to your blood. It does not make your blood acidic or cause cancer either. Our blood is basic in nature. Kidney, liver, and digestive systems strictly maintain the pH level of our food. There is nothing to worry about.

4. Sugar is cell food for cancer

 Cancer cells neither depend on sugar nor grow faster or spread. Our body needs carbohydrates for energy. Sugar is a carbohydrate and it does not worsen the situation.

5. Cancer is caused by a fungus

No! Cancer is not caused by a fungal infection and neither can it be cured by using sodium bicarbonate. It has no scientific evidence to believe.

6. Miracle cancer cure hidden from common eyes

There is another myth that tells us about hidden cancer cures such as coffee enema or cannabis. There are no such things that can cure cancer without any scientific research done.

7. Big pharmaceutical companies are hiding them

The big pharmaceutical companies do not work on baseless unscientific myths. They are not suppressing any miracle cure for cancer.

8. Cancer treatment destroys more normal cell 

Cancer treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy kill more normal cells than cancer cells is a myth. All the developed treatments will have an adverse effect on normal cells but they do not eradicate normal cells more than cancer cells.

9. No progress in curing cancer

We have done immense progress in the field of oncology. The chances of surviving cancer in different cases have increased considerably.

10. Sharks do not get cancer

It is also a big myth that sharks are immune to cancer.

11. No family history, no cancer

Even if no one in the family had cancer before, a person is not risk-free.

12. Mobile phones 

There is no evidence to support this myth that mobile phone radiation causes cancer.

13. Vaccines cause cancer

People against vaccines think that this preventive treatment causes cancer by hampering our immune system.

Ill-informed people tend to spread myths and lies by believing them. Stay aware of the facts or consult a physician to avoid any confusion. 


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