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What is Agrylin and its Generic Equivalents? The Ultimate Guide to Agrylin Capsule & Agrylin Generic Alternatives

What is Agrylin Capsule? Agrylin (anagrelide hydrochloride) is a platelet-reducing medication used to treat thrombocythemia, also known as thrombocytosis. This article will cover what Agrylin does and its generic alternatives.  Agrylin is a medication that belongs to a class of drugs called immunosuppressants. Agrylin (anagrelide hydrochloride) is a platelet-reducing medication used to treat thrombocythemia, also […]

Nexavar & Its Affordable Alternatives

Nexavar is a drug that is used to treat kidney and liver cancer. It is a cancer medication that belongs to the group of medicines called kinase inhibitors. Nexavar is the brand name for Sorafenib tablets. The drug Nexavar was approved by the FDA in 2006, and it has been marketed since then by Bayer, […]

Sunitinib Generic: Affordable alternatives of Sutent 50mg

Sutent is a brand-name prescribed medicine that’s FDA-approved to prescribe different types of cancer. Suninat includes Sunitinib 50 mg and refers to a group of medicines known as kinase inhibitors. Sunitinib Generic is an affordable alternative to Sutent 50mg at reasonable prices. A generic Sunitinib is an actual copy of the actual medicine. Sunitinib’s price […]

Sunitinib Malate 50 mg: What is it, Uses, Side effects, Precautions, Generic Brand names

What is Sunitinib 50 mg? Sunitinib malate treats progressive tumors in the stomach, including intestines, esophagus, pancreas, or kidneys. Sutent is additionally used to treat pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors in individuals with more acute tumors that cannot be treated with surgery. This assists in preventing or slowing the size of cancer cells and may promote shrink […]

Generic Cancer Medicines a Game-Changing Treatment for Blood Cancer

What Is Blood Cancer or Leukemia? Leukemia is a cancer that forms in blood-forming tissues, including bone marrow.  There are many types of leukemia that require medical diagnosis by a medical professional. It is treatable but lab tests or imaging is always required to find out what kind of Leukemia it is. Game-Changing Technology For […]

Prep: Every Fact Which You Should Know

How Does Prep Prevent Hiv? The anti-HIV drugs prevent in PrEP help to stop the virus from replicating in your body. If a person is exposed to HIV but has taken PrEP correctly, their body will be at negligible risk of getting HIV.  In order to understand how effective PrEP is, you should know that […]

Generic Cancer drugs- A sigh of relief for cancer patients

India has the third-highest number of hematological cancers in the world, after the US and China according to Globocan 2012. Unfortunately, blood cancer affects a large number of people. Blood cancer occurs when something goes wrong in the development of blood cells. Blood cancers affect the production of blood cells and their many functions, such […]

5 Tips If You’ve Completely Lost Your Appetite During Cancer Treatment

Despite the advancement in cancer treatments in the medical world, their side effects affect our health. In almost all cases, a patient loses his/her appetite which might result in bigger issues. The treatment weakens the physiological system and a patient will seriously need proper food to survive the process. The common side effects of cancer […]

I Have Cancer — What Should I Eat?

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases that we have been fighting for ages. We are trying to find the cure to this disease and to some extent; we have succeeded to provide hope. The lifestyle changes abruptly when cancer is detected. A patient has to go through a lot of changes in maintaining proper […]

Debunking 13 Common Cancer Myths

Cancer is a deadly disease surrounded by a lot of myths. Many people have the wrong conception about cancer and tend to believe it wholeheartedly. If you search ‘cancer’ on the internet, you will find a lot of misleading information. Only people with good scientific knowledge can find out the difference but most of them […]

Make Sure to Stop the HIV by Getting Prep Pill a Day!

HIV has become one of the major topics of concern for all the people around. Every individual is living with the fear of getting infected. With no doubt, the careless attitude of an individual has led to life on the backbench. A person should know that HIV or oral sex though are not similar, but […]

Generic Osicent 80 mg Tablet- The Suitable Lung Cancer Treatment!

Cancer is one of the most dangerous diseases spreading worldwide due to the increased number of smokers. Though smoking cannot be the only reason that can lead to lung cancer, one needs to stay away from such things to remain healthy. There are various symptoms of lung cancer followed by- A cough that might not […]

Prevention of HIV worldwide with the PrEP!

HIC stands for Human immunodeficiency virus. It is a virus infection that is usually transmitted by sexual intercourse. The virus affects the immune system and makes it weaker as time passes. Due to this, the person becomes more vulnerable to diseases like the common cold, flu, influenza, etc. Cases of HIV+ are increasing every year. About 50,000 people are infected […]

Genric Tagrix 80 MG tablet – A right way to cure Lung Cancer!

Lung cancer is no doubt a chronic disease that can grow faster with the growing abnormal cells. It is a bad disease that one can die at any point in time. One of the major reasons for its spread is Smoking. The lungs are spongy organs that are located in the chest. With the help […]

Ricovir EM- Right drug to fight against HIV Infections!

We all should be aware of the fact that HIV is spreading at a great high in distinctive groups that are known as clades. Different Viruses like HIV spread differently depending upon Clades. The classification of this infected virus is divided into various groups depending upon the clinical stages. When HIV is at stage A, […]

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