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Glarea Healthcare is a leading, trusted, and reliable pharmaceutical exporter, trader, and supplier based in India.

As a pharmaceutical exporter & supplier, Glarea Healthcare LLP  has served the medical needs of various hospitals, clinics, and wholesaler importers around the world including several countries such as the Philippines, Vietnam, Russia, Cambodia, France, the United States of America, Hong Kong, China, Belize, Romania, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, Bahrain, and others. 

Glarea Healthcare LLP is a recognized wholesale supplier of oncology, hepatitis, and HIV / AIDS drugs manufactured by multinational and national pharmaceutical companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Novartis, Ellily, Janssen Cilag, Astellas, Glenmark, Natco Pharma Limited, Ajanta Pharma, Cipla Limited, Ranbaxy, Micro Labs, BMS, Merck, Zydus, Cadila, BMS, and others.

Glarea takes duty for people’s wellness. The honest and productive partnership with our clients, especially patients, doctors, pharmacies, and cooperating companies, is a fundamental motto of our entrepreneurial management.

We target our efforts to satisfy the needs of patients, customers, and business associates. We will push our actions and rely profoundly on business partnerships, serving together in our customers’ interests.

We grow, manufacture, and share the most top-quality and superior use of generic cancer drugs. In accomplishing so, we focus on our core competencies by securing excellent know-how and remaining among the foremost life-saving medicine suppliers of generic cancer medicines, anti-cancer medicines, oncology, and HIV medicines.


Our Mission and Vision

At Glarea, we are dedicated to drug manufacturers and medical perfection in terms of quality and best standards that will surely take care of their health concerns. As oncology drugs have a direct connection, health and even a minor mistake can direct fatal results. Hence we understand the need for absolute concentration in our work.

Our enduring vision is to secure a high standard of quality in all of the cancer medicine exporters. We manufacture generic cancer drugs to achieve the peak of success in clients’ comfort and convenient service. At Glarea, we prioritize our customers’ demands and create a wide range of products, such as generic cancer drugs and cancer medicine suppliers. We provide pharmaceuticals and other relevant anti-cancer medicine exporters and the proper packaging, distribution, and exportation. 

Our firm is headquartered in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, and we serve across all parts of India and the globe. Our services are the most preferred amongst the wholesalers and retailers who deal with cancer medicine such as bone cancer, liver cancer, thyroid cancer, kidney cancer, and various other medical suppliers. 

Our mission is to continue serving with honor. Simultaneously, we care about our clients’ cost portion and build our anti-cancer medicine products accordingly so that costs are paid with maximum consideration to be the most reliable brand very soon.


Our Organization and Structure

We are committed to accomplishing client comfort to the most satisfied by providing top-class and high-quality anti-cancer medicines, both generic and branded that produce happier health for individuals. Our company has taken all the required certifications and registrations necessary for keeping an optimum standard in all the products built, distributed, and shipped from our end.

Our organization is working with a majestic management team provided with state-of-the-art information about every field necessary to run and mark the pharmaceutical industry. Apart from having a skilled management team, Glarea is also proud to have an extraordinary research and development team, which is entirely devoted to the work of pharmaceutical products’ progress. With every passing day, the quality is heightened. Accordingly, the clients are additionally delighted with the experience. 

Glarea is such an excellent anti-cancer medicine exporter, generic cancer medicine supplier company with a dedicated team for manufacturing products, packaging the same, distributing, and transporting the outcomes. Our logistics department is another brilliant department, which works tirelessly to prepare your products on time and intact with quality. Apart from that, our finance and accounts team is likewise a very effective one, which holds track of all the exported products. Our client service is profoundly acclaimed and presents us as one of India’s most favored pharmaceutical companies and the world.


Our Management

Glarea has been established under the leadership of extremely professional leaders, whose primary purpose turns around buyers’ satisfaction by maintaining absolute perfection in the work that we do. Since we are dealing with manufacturing anti-cancer drugs, which deal with the citizens’ health today, we require extra caution while developing these because any minor issues can also be damaging and disastrous.

Our management includes highly expert people from various specialties such as marketing, finance, human resources, and other relevant domains, setting our company with suitable skills and expertise. Our creativity and superiority in all the fields allow us to grow a pioneer in the environment of the anti-cancer drug.

Our medicine supplier team acts diligently by following all the government’s central guidelines under our precise analysis management. Apart from these features, our control also takes care of all additional relevant and vital problems, including the needed certifications from the leading organizations and authorized bodies, to safeguard ordinary people’s profits.


Our Business Preference

At Glarea, we have made our motto, and therefore, it is all about honesty and dependability. We implement the same in every sphere of our work. Broadly, we work in the cancer drug manufacturer and distribution and exportation of the manufactured generic cancer drugs at our end across every corner of the world.

Our business value rotates around managing our manufacturing work’s utmost accuracy and precision and continuing our present clients and new clients’ services. Another vital component of our business value is that we are cautious about on-time delivery no matter what. This is why we have continuously been successful in delivering our products on time inside India and abroad.

 We have regularly surpassed our clients’ expectations. We will proceed to do so, thereby producing an extra point in business so that the relationship between our clients and us is reinforced with every single plan.


On-time Delivery

With years of experience, we are rigorously committed to offering our clients on-time delivery of oncology medicines and other life-saving medicines like hepatitis and HIV medicines. We have analyzed and worked out the real-time taken to deliver at different ports and airports worldwide. Our team performs to provide the product based on that time frame.

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